Welcome To GemDandy Ragdolls Cattery, located just north of Tulsa Oklahoma!
We specialize in breeding Traditional, Mink, Sepia and Blue-eyed White Ragdoll Cats in a home-raised environment, making
our cats some of the happiest around.  Our Central location in Oklahoma, makes it easy for us to work with anyone in the
neighboring states of Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Colorado.  We ship kittens within the continental United States.  
If you don't see the type of kitten you are looking for, please contact us to see when we will have one available just for you!
©2010 - 2014 GemDandy Ragdolls Cattery
We are Allan and Gina Patteson of GemDandy
Ragdolls. The cattery has been an idea in our hearts
for many years and the name was actually borrowed
from Gina's dad. He owned and operated a couple of
retail jewelry stores and was  a jeweler and
watchmaker for over 45 years. It was often that we
heard him say "that sounds Gem Dandy to me".
Thus the name was born and also serves as   a
tribute to a very fine man.
If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or
e-mail and we will be glad to assist you.
Contact Us:
(918) 440-0502
Izzy is also the daughter of Sealia and Onyx, which makes her a sister
to Jenny. She is a large girl and has quite a plush coat as you can
see from her picture above.  Since Seal Mitted Kittens are our most
requested kittens, we will be breeding her to Maverick later this year.
Expect Awesome Kittens from their litter!  They both are large ragdolls
and both have plush coats. Add their fun personalities and it's a hit!
Jenny is one of our own!  She is the daughter of Sealia and
Onyx and also sister to Izzy.  She is a Blue Mitted Sepia,
determined through DNA testing.  We can breed her to either
a traditional boy or mink boy and she will produce all mink
kittens.  Mother nature works in strange ways.  She has the
softest coat and a talkative personality. She will start
breeding for us toward the end of 2013. Look for her
beautiful kittens in 2014.  They will be special to us for sure.